Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
1. Printing or graphic services will not begin until the business day after receiving full payment.
2. Soloman & Co. does not provide refunds. We offer a high-quality service and product for a fee. If a product does not meet OUR quality standards, we will do our best to ensure our customers are satisfied.
3. All products will receive proof before we begin to print. Once the customer approves the product proof, Soloman & Co. will not make any changes. The customer will assume responsibility for an approved product proof and print with or without errors.
4. We cannot guarantee any results on customer-provided products or materials.
5. Like you, our products are unique and may vary from piece to piece, even with the same design. We do not guarantee that each item will be identical when multiples are ordered.
6. Sublimation printing often creates minor blemishes that may become part of the print. Suppose the defects are not on a central image and are unnoticed by a random person. In that case, the product will pass our quality standards.
7. All Over shirts often have creases that become part of the print. Please see our disclosure and the images description below.
8. Soloman & Co. does not assume copyright liabilities for printed images. Instead, we publish what is provided or created for our customers at their request.
9. Soloman and company’s shirts are NOT COTTON; THEY ARE POLYESTER. Sizes may or may not be what you expect. Please see the Products Description Page for details.  If you have any questions afterwards, please ask before you pay.
10. We will talk to one customer per order; if multiple customers are speaking about the same order, we reserve the right to separate the orders and charge accordingly.
11. By purchasing from us, you agree that our designs, and any provided pictures, may be used for our advertisement purposes. IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT WANT US TO SHARE, PLEASE INFORM US BEFORE PAYING.
13. Customer Pickups can occur at any Walmart, Kroger, or pre-discussed Public Retail location. Shipping costs may apply to anyone who cannot meet or is not located in Fort Wayne, IN.